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Sustainable Fashion: What It Means For You and The Fashion Industry

If you have been keeping an eye on the sustainability industry in food, you already know that people have been talking about plant-based diets everywhere. Even major fast-food chains are toying with sustainable alternatives in their classic dishes.

Most people already are well aware of the importance of sustainable, plant-based food, but did you know that sustainable fashion is also trending? Yes, sustainable fashion is a trend that provides a lot of benefits to consumers, designers and the world around them.

Is Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Fashion same as Vegan Clothing?

This is an incredibly common misunderstanding that even major fashion fiends have. It is true that sustainable fashion brands don’t use fur or leather to create clothing. One of the biggest new concepts about eco-friendly fashion is that it avoids the use of environmentally damaging materials made out of plastics. This means you won’t see polyester, nylon or plastic in your clothing. It is all made out of sustainable fabrics that are entirely composed of plants.

What Materials Are Used In Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Fashion?

With eco-friendly dyes, this fashion movement takes advantage of different materials made strictly from plants. Some of the most popular ones include cotton, bamboo, hemp and a unique sustainable fabric that comes from beech groves. Organic cotton material is mostly used in eco-friendly fashion as it is known for being durable, breathable and amazingly low-maintenance. So, make sure you purchase organic cotton dresses for you and your family whenever shopping for clothing.

What Materials Are Excluded In Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Fashion?

The best way to explain eco-friendly, sustainable fashion is to think of the highest standard of ethics in fashion and then applying them to the manufacturing of clothing. You will never find leather, wool, animal-based dyes or other similarly unsustainable materials in organic cotton apparels. With the materials aspect of sustainable fashion, the vast majority of designers in this movement have decided to take a stand against sweatshops. Professionals in eco-friendly fashion also prevent exploitation that runs extensively in the fashion industry.

Why Choose Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Fashion?

Right now, the fashion industry is struggling with a pretty serious problem. Apart from the fossil fuel industry, the fashion industry is also the biggest polluter in the world. Many fashion businesses use non-sustainable materials, animal products and potentially dangerous chemicals in their clothing industry. Choosing sustainable fashion brands do make a lot of sense when purchasing organic clothing. Let’s take a look at the benefit of using this type of fashion.

Your Outfit Isn’t Going To Be Toxic

Although many studies are starting to reveal the true damage of using non-sustainable clothes, many people don’t know all the risks of plastic use such as allergy, environmental pollution and many more. If you are worried about the non-sustainable materials in your clothing causing health problems, organic cotton dress is a good way to go.

Your Clothing Is Cruelty-Free

If you are a fan of vegan food, you should also choose eco-friendly clothing as it just makes sense. When you choose eco-friendly clothing from sustainable fashion brands, it will not only protect your health but also save thousands of animals from painful practices every year.

Clothing That Lasts And Looks Great

Eco-friendly fashion doesn’t mean cheap-made fashion nor does it mean fast fashion. The clothes that are coming from sustainable fashion brands are now getting their fair share of head turns for their sustainable quality and stylish appearance.

Clothing That Helps Change The World For Better

Our planet is in grave condition terrible and it needs our help. Choosing organic cotton dresses means you are helping decrease the impact fashion makes on Mother Earth. So, make sure you purchase the clothes from the brands that offer sustainable clothing.

Get In Touch With Atelier Parsmei For Eco-Friendly Fashion

Atelier Parsmei is not just about delivering organic clothes that are good for human beings, animals and the environment but also making the world non-sustainable free. It’s about feeling good; knowing that clothing you wear decreases the damage the fashion industry makes. The movement started with eco-conscious people who wanted to see the world stay beautiful people like you. Whenever you long for sustainable fashion, we will be there to satisfy your needs.

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