Spring Summer 2024 collection

Spring Summer 2024 collection


Inspired by Alice’s adventures, Atelier Parsmei’s Spring Summer 2024 collection takes you on a journey through Wonderland.

From playful prints to bold colours, each piece is designed to spark everyone’s imagination, encouraging an embrace of one’s own sense of wonder.

During our journey in Wonderland, we fall down a rabbit hole and find ourselves in a magical world full of whimsy and wonder.

We come across talking animals, play croquet with the Queen of Hearts and attend a tea party with the Mad Hatter in a garden of red poppies.

Our iconic Pink Wonderland illustration, developed in-house, features a whimsical print of rabbits, teacups, cakes, cute creatures, blooms and playing cards. For a touch of elegance, our “Green of Hearts” Liberty fabric features a love heart chain pattern.

Our blue English rose print brings romance to the collection and our “Mad Hatter” caps add a playful and casual touch to any outfit. This season, we are also introducing Atelier Parsmei’s Home collection with hand painted ceramics, matching placemats and napkins, and luxury paper stationery.

Whether you are exploring the great outdoors or attending a tea party with friends, our Atelier in Wonderland collection is destined to delight and inspire. So come along and join us on an adventure through our very own Wonderland tale – who knows what awaits!




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