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Shopping for Kid’s Organic Clothes

If you are planning for sustainable shopping for your children’s clothes, you need to have proper knowledge about organic, eco-friendly clothes.

In the current environmental climate, more and more people are looking for shopping in a way that supports our planet. That’s where sustainable, eco-friendly or organic clothes come in! These fabrics not only better for the environment but also protect your little one’s skin and health. As ethical brands are more expensive due to high manufacturing costs, shopping sustainable fashion for kids can be a challenging task on your budget. If you have zero knowledge about this, it can lend you a pretty ugly situation. Don’t worry! Here are five tips on how to buy planet-friendly clothing for your kids that doesn’t break the budget.

Go For the Basics

While the tasseled or flashing clothes may fascinate your child at the shop, you should get the basics down first before thinking of going with any trends. Basic includes shorts, tops, shirts and any imperative weather gear for where you are living. Make sure each one of these basics comes in an easy to clean print and made from organic fabrics. Going second hand with your child’s closet is the best option if you want to shop eco-friendly clothes for your kids on a budget. Atelier Parsmei is one of the best sustainable fashion brands from where you can purchase new organic clothes for your kid’s closet within your budget.

Size Up 1-2 Sizes

Make sure you purchase long-life sustainable clothes for your little one. Sizing up 1-2 sizes depending on your child is one of the easiest ways to shop these types’ clothes. When you follow this tip, it will work beautifully and even you can save a significant amount of money. As a parent, you can easily roll up or hem the clothes to fit the child at the time and let them out over the years. For that, you don’t need to waste your money on a professional trailer as you can yourself easily.

Choose Natural Fibres over Synthetic

Cotton, Linen and hemp are some of the best materials for children’s organic and sustainable clothing. While synthetic material has a place in the fashion industry, you should try your best to shop eco-friendly or organic fabric for your kid’s closet. Organic or natural fibres are best for the environment and your children for so many reasons:

1. They cause much less or zero irritation to skin
2. They are low resource-intensive to produce and manufacture

If you are looking for purchasing sustainable fashion for kids, Atelier Parsmei is the right place for you!

Choose Quality over Quantity

When buying sustainable clothes for your little one, make sure you choose quality over quantity. This will not only save you money but also give a slow fashion a chance in your kid’s wardrobe. It will teach you the difference between synthetic and natural fabrics. If you want to build your kid’s closet with sustainable fashion at your budget, you need to purchase natural fabrics from the best sustainable fashion brands – Atelier Parsmei.

Ask The Question: How Many Times Will Organic Clothes Be Worn?

This question can help you to steer clear of any items that you should save for the rental category. If you selected items and can’t guarantee your child will wear this at least 30 times, simply put it down and step away from the items. But, if you can guarantee the item will work 30+times, you can move on to the following questions.

Here are two follow up key questions you can ask from the best sustainable fashion brands before adding the item to your little one’s closet for the most sustainable and ethical approach.

What Is This Made Of?

Always look for the tags and check out the type of fabrics i.e. organic or synthetic. Also look for the Flame Retardants in the material used for clothing.

Who Made This and Under What Condition?

Before purchasing any clothes of sustainable fashion for kids, you need to ask this simple question to the brand from where you are planning to shop eco-friendly clothes. Most importantly, a sustainable company will have this information readily available to you without any trouble. The reputed brand wants to share this information with you more than anything.

Once you have followed these tips, you will shop eco-friendly clothes for your kids at your budget from the best sustainable fashion brand.

Get In Touch With Atelier Parsmei

If you are looking for a reputed online store for your kid’s sustainable fashion clothes, Visit Atelier Parsmei. As the best sustainable fashion brand, we offer convertible classic contemporary design. We choose a better way to produce luxury and high design fashion for kids with social commitment and sustainable principles.

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