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Staying safe at home? Chances are you’ve already stood in front of your closet multiple times, resisting the desire to wear the same pair of sweatpants. For some people dressing up during the Coronavirus lockdown can be even more challenging than usual. They might find it complex to decide what to wear and how to get excited to dress up again. If you are part of them and looking for inspiration that will kick your stay home styling and work from home outfits up a notch, here are the following tips that will help you to dress up and feel excited about dressing up again when you are stuck at home.

Get Monochrome Cozy

No need to mention, you are at home which means you should wear whatever makes you feel comfy. It doesn’t mean, you should go for sweatpants. However, you need an upgraded take on your loungewear favorites. A tonal palette adds the right amount of fashion, without reducing the french terry softness and lazy-day vibes of a tee and sweatpants combo.

Textural pops like fuzzy cuffs or a ribbed cardigan add some visual interest and cozy effect. Make sure you purchase outfits from green luxury fashion brands as they provide soft, cozy, and skin-friendly outfits which will make you comfortable and stylish all day long during your work from home.

Wear the Same Things As You Usually Do

Well, you used to go to work every morning, but now you are working from home due to the COVID-19 lockdown. If you usually work in a shirt and jeans, don’t put on a T-shirt and trousers just because you are at home. Dressing up, as usual, can help you stay focused on your tasks and increase your productivity. This way can be also good for keeping your routines. For instance, if you used to change clothes in the afternoon to go to the gym, by changing outfits you might be motivated to do some workouts at home. Don’t forget to put back your trousers before going to bed.

Try New Styles

Are you getting bored with the same style of clothes? Looking for something new that makes you feel amazing? If so, take advantage of this quarantine and try new styles. For that, you don’t need to think about something hard and complicated. Plus, always shop for clothes from sustainable brands as eco-friendly fashion for ladies is more popular in the market. If you always wear elegant clothes, this time, try to wear something sporty or retro. Be brave, use your imagination and surprise yourself!

Pay attention to how you feel in your new style during the quarantine. Does it make you comfortable, confident, or rather frustrated? This tip can help get to know your style and personality better.

Try Mix and Match Prints

There is no better time to test drive styling prints together than now when we are stuck at our home. If you want to get a less overwhelming look, pair a tight-knit pattern with a print with a spaced-out pattern. To tone down a busy look, you can stick to at most two or three colors.

Tie-dye is the ultimate stay-home pattern that is trending right now. Make your own and get the best look.

Follow Green Luxury Fashion

Want to feel comfortable, safe, and stylish during this quarantine? If so, following green luxury fashion trends is the best way for you! Sustainable outfits are made from organic fibers such as cotton, linen, and hemp. Modern outfits are manufactured by synthetic fibers which are not only harmful for your health but also the environment’s health. This is the biggest reason why people prefer to turn to sustainable fashion. By wearing eco-friendly outfits, you will feel comfortable and get a stylish look while protecting your skin from rashes.

Follow these 5 ways and make yourself excited to dress up again during this coronavirus lockdown. Eco-friendly fashion for ladies is the most popular in today’s market, so if you want a trendy look without compromising with your health safety, go for the sustainable fashion brands.

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Looking for a sustainable brand that makes you feel comfortable and stylish during this lockdown? Visit Atelier Parsmei! We are an ethical, sustainable, high fashion kidswear and womenswear brand offering convertible classic contemporary design. At Atelier Parsmei, we use better ways to produce green luxury fashion with sustainable principles.

Whether you want to get ideas to make yourself motivated dressed up again during this lockdown or buy eco-friendly fashion for ladies, visit us at Atelier Parsmei today!

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